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Golden West Brewing Co. is the rebirth of a quintessential Leederville brand. Over 120 years ago in 1896 J.J. Wallis established the Golden West Company which operated out of a large factory on Carr Place and sold aerated waters and other carbonated beverages. Over the course of its history Golden West changed hands several times but always remained in Leederville. Golden West was eventually bought one last time and dissolved after Coca-Cola took ownership and the original site of Golden West’s operations were demolished in the 70’s after over 75 years of crafting local products for the residents of Leederville.

This story of a local artisanal brand being taken over by a multinational company and then the associated loss of character for not only the product but the local community is one that rings true in the world of modern craft beer. With the desire to bring locally produced craft beverages back to Leederville since their hiatus in the 1970’s and manufacture  uncompromising high quality products, the owners felt that embodying and rejuvenating the Golden West brand was a key ingredient for the success of a local Leederville brewing company.