Golden West Classic

A 4.1% hop forward golden ale designed as a refreshing a light bodied ale that is highly palatable to both seasoned craft beer drinkers and new entrants to the craft beer segment. Golden West Classic is a beer for the local community of Leederville and its surrounds. Given Golden West’s history of making aerated and carbonated beverages designed to be enjoyed by all, the Classic is exactly that. Being brewed locally and being of a broad spectrum in attractiveness, the Classic is proposed to supplant other mass produced beers being served in the local bars, restaurants and pubs of Leederville and Subiaco. The Classic is an all year-round beer for all occasions and one to be owned by the people of Leederville

Golden West KWENCHER

At 5.0% this west coast pale ale is a pale, refreshing and hoppy ale, yet with sufficient supporting malt to make the beer balanced and drinkable. The rounded hop presence reflects modern American hop varieties packing just enough bitterness to close out a tasty beverage.

Golden West FRESH

This is Golden West’s acknowledgement of where beer is today. This IPA is akin to some of the more modern IPA’s where the alcohol has been brought down a touch (5.8%) in order to fit a few more in during an appreciation session. With a good backing of Munich Malt this all malt IPA has a depth of complexity without the alcoholic finish of some of its bigger brothers. It has a resiny start with a floral body and clean fermentation profile with dryish finish.


A coffee saturated dark ale with the roasty and toasty notes of great ice coffee. With a kilo of freshly roasted beans left in the beer during fermentation, full extraction of the coffee occurs with what can only be described as the love child of a dark ale and a espresso martini. At 4.9% this is one dark beer, that keeps people coming back for more and challenges a lot of peoples perceptions of the darker side of life.


Bourbon Vanilla Porter. Using fired oak, vanilla beans and bourbon to recreate a Kentucky common, this seasonally released porter will hug the heart with its alcohol warmth and lingering flavour profile. A bigger bodied beer that has malt, oats and corn in its profile shows off a layering and complexity not seen in the other Golden West beers. This beer is a bit of treat and something worth getting your mittens around when the opportunity presents.