Golden West Brewing Co. is the rebirth of a quintessential Leederville brand. Over 120 years ago in 1896 J.J. Wallis established the Golden West Company which operated out of a large factory on Carr Place and backed on to Newcastle Street. Producing a diverse range of aerated beverages over the course of its history, Golden West remained at home in Leederville for 75 years until it was eventually bought and dissolved in the 70s.

After taking up a site within a couple of hundred meters of Golden West’s original location and armed with the desire to bring locally produced craft beverages back to Leederville, the creators felt that embodying and rejuvenating the Golden West brand was a key ingredient for the success of a local Leederville brewing company. The adoption of the original logo pays homage to this idea of craftsmanship across locally sourced Leederville products.

Rolling out its products over the summer of 2018-19, Golden West will be found primarily on taps across the craft beer specialists of the wider Leederville area, such as Refuge, 21st Amendment, and Gangemi’s. Golden West focuses its attention on “gateway craft” with its beers distributed across the modern pale ale and lager segments. The line-up will also feature a few beers that the more expansive beer drinker would also find interesting, such as the burnt oak infused Bourbon Vanilla Porter, a Coffee Stout featuring locally roasted Lisura coffee beans, and a heavily dry-hopped IPA.  

The owners of Golden West are a team of school and work friends that are keen to share their passion for hand crafted brewing. After putting the ‘error’ in trial and error over a period of time, and with friends and family having enjoyed the recent ‘trials’, Golden West is now ready to present its beer where quality is matched with a good helping of nostalgia and local flavour.

Originally starting off with only a few hundred litres of capacity, the batch sizes will reflect the hands on approach of the owners who all maintain employment outside of their new passion in Golden West. Over time we expect growth at Golden West where the establishment of a public tap room, cellar door, canning line, and full beverage manufacturing facility is not far from reality of today.

To get in touch with Golden West please email hello@goldenwest.beer